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2014 Tablet PC shipments worldwide will increase by 39%
 2014 Tablet PC shipments worldwide will increase by 39%

U.S. market research firm Gartner3 research report published May 27 , 2014 Tablet PC shipments will grow by 38.6% ; traditional PC shipments are expected to 276.7 million units, down 6.6 % compared to 2013 .
    Gartner expects 2014 global PC, Tablet PC and mobile phone shipments will reach 25 million units in total , an increase of 6.9 % compared with 2013 , in 2013 the growth rate was 4.8 %. The maximum number of computing devices as a class , global mobile phone shipments in 2014 are expected to reach 1.9 billion , an increase of 4.9 % over 2013 , mainly due to the high-end part of the quality of low-end mobile phone market and basic part of the mobile phone market .
    From the operating system point of view , iOS Tablet PC growth has slowed in North America , so Apple should accelerate the replacement cycle . Google 's goal is to expand the reach of Android , and is expected to achieve more than 1.171 billion units of equipment shipments in 2014.
    In addition , Windows device shipments this year is expected to be 339 million units , iOS / Mac OS devices is approximately 286 million units.
    Traditional PC will continue to have an impact on the overall volume of these consumer computing devices , and the Tablet PC to PC substitution effect will also be weakened. " Tablet PC notebook substitution effect will begin to weaken this year as consumers and businesses have been using various forms assigned to the correct device ." Gartner analyst Lanji Te • Atwal (Ranjit Atwal) said.
    With these consumer computing devices market gradually saturated , margin pressure will also increase, manufacturers are different ways to deal with shrinking profit margins. Despite the price cuts are inevitable, but consumers are increasingly value other functions on the device . For example, the new tablet PC users pay more attention to the small screen and portability, while the existing tablet device at the time of replacement of more value -Fi.