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5G will revive the tablet PC market, to help defeat the PC
 5G will revive the tablet PC market, to help defeat the PC
The past two years, Tablet PC market jumping down the market data, really let practitioners feel the waves of chill.
In the short period of 7 years the birth of the Tablet PC, the entire market experienced a rapid soaring, straight down, in the past nine quarters, more than two years time, sales fell one after another, from the peak of 2013 2.3 million units To 2016 annual straight down to 170 million units of sales, it seems to have become a young "sunset industry." Even the original Shenzhen cottage Tablet PC is also a rapid fire, a large number of cottage manufacturers fled the industry.
Flat sales data quickly beheaded, Shenzhen Huaqiang North cottage flat panel industry chain was broken down. This has been high hopes, to subvert the entire PC industry products, so depressed.
In the entire consumer electronics market hit the top of the case, this situation is not optimistic, after all, can now lead to the purchase of enthusiastic consumer electronics products rarely.
While the Tablet PC - this category has proven its own strong market demand for product categories, how to upgrade life? Become in addition to smart phones, the revitalization of the market another focus of passion.
Wintel Union made a comprehensive effort to push the PC flat two-in-one, Win10 flat through Huaqiang North blossom.
Apple iPad platform for the upgrade of multi-tasking performance, adding a keyboard, ultra-sensitive stylus.
Android camp from the screen size, communication module, price, content to make a fuss, hoping to cut into a variety of market segments.
But these actions still can not completely impress the user's heart, can not give persuasive application scenarios, is still difficult to trigger the purchase of the trend.
Now, 5G came, this situation will be improved.
5G, as the name suggests is the fifth generation of mobile network communications technology. But in fact 5G not only can be used in smart phone communication so simple, 5G integrated as much as new features, fully contracted the entire Internet service also expand new business, it is difficult to imagine.
Specific technical details speak up like a bible, small new simple to sum up with you about 5G features:
5G will integrate all the wireless band (in addition to the military band), unified the various bands of telecommunications operators between the standard, to achieve data exchange, thus replacing the existing broadband network, television networks, (Internet of things) household appliances remote control network, But also the integration of the original service to the entire Internet data centers, computing centers, network centers and so on infrastructure. Completely the entire Internet industry a thorough revolution.
For the user is the most intuitive change is: to their own mobile phone number 5G traffic on the package, you can not limit the speed of unlimited use of 5G network traffic.
Obviously, smart phones are less than such a massive function. 5G integrated broadband features, remote control features, Internet services, obviously more suitable for Tablet PC, PC computers, game consoles and so on.
5G integration beyond broadband ultra-high speed function, the biggest application is video streaming applications, based on cloud services, professional office applications, and these applications are clearly in the Tablet PC, game consoles, PC experience better. For users who have already handled the 5G package, do not buy a set of support 5G Tablet PC, smart TV, PC computer equipment, it is purely a waste.
So, the arrival of 5G is actually a great experience for the Tablet PC, PC, game console brought a great upgrade. 5G more like the killer function of these products, smart phones are fully embodies the advantages of 5G.
In the MWC2017 5G technology exhibition, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing interview directly said: "5G era is not prepared to the mobile phone manufacturers, but to the computer manufacturers, server manufacturers to prepare the market.
Indeed, 5G of many product technologies are used to upgrade PC computers, servers, data centers, network centers, computing centers and other product equipment.
In fact, from 2000 ITU International Telecom Union to develop 3G mobile network standards, when the most popular idea is: for PC professional equipment to broadband network upgrade to wireless broadband, and telecom operators to integrate wireless base stations, to provide users with Mobile Internet service.
Namely: WiMax (global microwave interconnection access), also known as mobile broadband, he used the 2 ~ 16GHz band is also a wireless WiFi band, is an open band does not require additional applications.
WiMax network speed to reach 70Mbps peak, the network experience in many ways beyond the now popular 4G, so very early written in the ITU 3G standard.
Over the past two decades, Intel, Cisco, IBM, Nortel, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Philips Semiconductors, TI Texas Instruments, Marvell, and so the major network equipment suppliers support this standard. The United States, Japan, China Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea and other regions have carried out a large-scale networking.
In 2006, Intel sold the ARM processor business Xscale to Marvell Semiconductor, which is based on the WiMax technology. After all, WiMax on broadband technology blessing, professional mobile computing devices look more like the mainstream, WiMax for users to upgrade PC, notebook computers, netbook products, new impetus. The ARM, can only be regarded as toys.
At the same time, Europe and the United States there have been a large number of old telephone booths, sewers were transformed into WiFi hotspots, Europe and the United States shopping malls WiFi network times better news, China's wireless network simply can not compare with others!
Sewer WiFi
The reason for this result is:
Europe and the United States telecom operators set up a WiMax network, and mainland China did not. Nearly two years of vigorous bus WiFi, shopping malls WiFi, also failed to form a favorable capital force to promote domestic telecom operators to build WiMax mobile broadband network.
Unfortunately, WiMax is for network operators, in the mobile, timely response, network switching experience very poor. This is unacceptable for users who want to get a good, smooth call experience with a smartphone. Therefore, WiMax can not replace the original GSM network operators, two networks must be parallel!
Finally, by the Chinese fostered TDCDMA, relying on the Chinese market to grow up Qualcomm launched CDMA2000, Europe, Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel push WCDMA. These Baotuan will be based on telecom operators technology research and development of the three 3G standard, to promote the ITU.
These three technologies rely on a more stable experience, more powerful promotion efforts, a wider range of product equipment support, become the mainstream mobile network technology. And the original fully support WiMax telecom operators, then quickly turned to WCDMA, CDMA2000 technology, and other 4G technology popularization, the telecommunications service providers have to help telecom operators will be integrated WiMax equipment integration LTE technology.
During this period, a large number of telecom service providers because of WiMax and decline, Philips Semiconductors, Siemens, TI Texas Instruments, Intel, IBM and other companies so business has been tumbled, missed the mobile Internet era. TI Texas Instruments Directly withdraws from the mobile Internet market.
Before and after 2005, China in the broadband field more thoroughly the implementation of the "light into the copper back" fiber strategy, making WiMax technology advantage is no longer; around 2009 and the implementation of the WiFi wireless office, to support the development of smart phones. To now has completely WiMax into the limbo. Even the last two years of public transport WiFi did not break through this piece of the market.
Bus WiFi
After 4G, WiMax's MIMO technology, high-frequency microwave high-speed local networking and other technologies are being integrated into the carrier's LTE mobile network. Now, 4.5G to 5G transition technology integration, but also increased the home WiFi 5GHz band reuse technology standards.
5G already has a fiber-optic broadband network capabilities, far more than the original PC, the Internet device prepared WiMax. PC, Tablet PC will usher in a new golden age.
For the user, the tablet may be a better next generation of essential electronic equipment.
Based on the 5G integrated broadband, network, computing, and data capabilities, the 5G technology connects these Internet infrastructures more quickly with the services of mobile network base stations in a global network of telecom operators, forming a huge Internet infrastructure pool , To bring us more sensitive and easy to use, cheaper cloud computing services.
The original must rely on the configuration of the special desktop computer can achieve the function, the future rely on 5G under the cloud computing services, an entry-level ultra-low configuration of the Tablet PC will be able to achieve, do not need professional PC.
For example: designers use professional PS to deal with photo images, editors with Premiere and other professional software editing video processing, data analyst with Excel to deal with massive amounts of data, etc., can be used 5G mobile broadband cloud services through the Tablet PC to complete.
In the user experience, 5G broadband to bring the biggest feature is: good coverage and mobility.
Compared to the laptop's heavy, smart TV can not move, professional game console niche, flat-panel power is obviously the most suitable for the use of 5G high-speed network equipment.
So, 5G service, the Tablet PC will beat the PC laptop to become the best choice for life office.
Of course, there are many applications of 5G. Industrial computer control collaboration, intelligent city collaboration, Ai large data neuron computing, etc., through the 5G network of multi-dimensional data collection timely feedback, will bring us a real intelligent world.
5G is the gateway to the smart world of a door, Tablet PC is to allow you to better enjoy the 5G window.