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Continental flat price competition: Taiwan factory dilemma

Continental flat price competition: Taiwan factory dilemma

Continental Tablet PC industry in recent years, supply chain and manufacturing capabilities to enhance the question why the market worried about the key factors without him, still with the main current smart phones and tablet PCs as the overall consumer electronics market, which only two popular products, which tablet PC sprang demand has also caused crowding issue directly related to the sales of notebook computers .
In recent years, the Tablet PC supply chain and manufacturing systems from the original master turned to mainland manufacturers in Taiwan height form, Shenzhen, China in the vicinity of the Tablet PC supply chain is quite mature , in 2013 the total global tablet shipments approximately around nearly 240 million units, of which nearly 8,000 million to 9,000 million units manufactured by Shenzhen local , the proportion has been approaching 30% down . Even in Shenzhen tablet along the supply chain is still irregulars , but the mainland industry uses subtraction strategy, discarding unnecessary product features , processes and procedures , very will to fight, this corresponds to a high degree of price competition through the Tablet PC , brand owners it will be difficult to find relevant than local cooperation with OEM partners .

It highlights several tablet PCs direct current industrial properties, including the manufacture of low threshold, the effect of low-cost Shenzhen area matures electronics industry cluster effect inspired by the mainland sub- components manufacturing and supply chain systems , and the overall tablet price competition state corresponds thinking brand owners to bring . And in fact , in addition to Acer , but in the past , including Hewlett-Packard, the industry's low-cost tablet PC orders, have also been delegated by the mainland -based foundry industry .

Further discussion can be obtained , the Taiwan plant and components in the manufacturing end of the business end of the competition faced by the continent , not a single place in the Tablet PC . When mobile phones , for example, in the past , such as the steering Taiwan factory by the NB OEM manufacturers seeking new opportunities for mobile phone , that corresponds to the mainland ? ? A large number of mobile phone firms sprang demand , and land plants have a remarkable ability phone reason , southern China is relying on the cost and supply chain industry cluster advantages.

However, at that time the status of components caused by manufacturing and white-box handset can not be much of a shake Taiwan plant , the main business continues to grow with the NB and mobile phone market is large enough, the brand industry orders still enough to support plant operations and other relevant units .

Then the development process can be obtained from the MP3 past , mainland manufacturers via the same industry cluster , the public version of the public mode , key components and other business types to master drive , so in addition to the manufacture of MP3 Apple's iPod series models are still appointed by the Taiwan plant , such as Quanta and other industry responsible for the production , the rest due sprang white card products and let the manufacturing side and component side are terrestrial plants in the world , Taiwan factory reluctant involvement or retreated reasons behind this market is still too low profits , the majority of brand owners orders shrinking the size of this order are " dim sum " in nature , little meal will not beating , and the existing " main meal " no impact on the industry, and the cost has been difficult with land plants contend , etc. to be associated .

Today, tablet manufacturing OEM orders being eroded land plants , Taiwan factory reason than the fear , and the global NB past Taiwan factory OEM manufacturing center, then the extent of exclusion of Tablet PC sales have been seriously affected NB NB existing industry operational status. Research statistics, in 2013 the annual growth rate of overall sales NB recession magnitude of about 10% , in 2014 the overall demand will remain in a recession situation.

Although Taiwan factory also can seek to fill new orders tablet attenuation NB orders , but lowering the threshold corresponding to the Tablet PC manufacturers , the industry's low-cost mainland grab a single trend, has allowed Taiwan plant in order to fight the process of tablet PCs have greater dangerous slope, while poor margins, thereby allowing Taiwan factory caught in a dilemma .

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