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Intel COO: ready to produce tablet chips
 According to foreign media reports, Intel COO Brian Krzanich (Brian Krzanich) claimed that the company has re-deployed its production facilities, ready to produce Tablet PC chip.
"We will turn our production capacity to produce more mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablet PCs and other devices," says Kozianne.
Industry analysts said Intel to enter the Tablet PC market is a wise move. But more importantly, the chip manufacturers need to get a share in the emerging smartphone market. "In addition to traditional laptops, mobile devices are an important part of Intel's business," said Dan Olds, an analyst at The Gabriel Consulting Group. "Although there are hundreds of millions Traditional x86 PC and server chips are sold, but the ARM chip specifically for smartphones and tablets is billions of dollars and is growing rapidly, and now Intel is still limited to PC and server , In the field of smart phones as little, and just ready to enter the field of tablet PCs.
Although Intel to enter the mobile market is a wise move, but the problem is the current hot Tablet PC market is almost Apple iPad world. In this situation, the market on the Intel Tablet PC chip will not have much demand.
Nevertheless, Intel is also necessary to prepare early, because maybe someday Google Android or Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet PC will be in the Tablet PC market set off a heat wave. "As Windows 8 will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year, Intel is now in the Tablet PC market is actually very good time." Technology industry analyst Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Patrick - Moorehead (Patrick Moorhead) said "Intel's move also shows that they have confidence in their products."
In fact, Intel has been to enter the Tablet PC market efforts. In January, due to several PC computer suppliers exhibited Intel chips equipped with ultra-pole, Intel at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on the limelight. Intel is expected this year will be introduced about 75 kinds of super pole, which part of the super pole will be the mixing machine, that is, their appearance and function both notebook and tablet computer style.