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Prediction: 2014 will be very tough tablet market
 Prediction: 2014 will be very tough tablet market

2013 tablet market showed strong growth trend , Samsung and Amazon use Google 's Android operating system and challenge Apple gained some market share. In the tablet operating system market , iOS placing him at Andrews ranked second , Microsoft in the third . For analyst to analyze and predict the trends after 2014 and tablet market.
    2014 could be a very difficult year for the tablet market
    According to Internet data centers, the Tablet PC market , including flat and combo devices , is expected to grow 19.4% in 2014 , which is the relative growth rate of 51.6% in 2013, declined . The report notes that Internet data center predictions for 2014 decreased by 3.6% , this reduction is due to short-term forecasts , with a slow and iterative hardware installed base - especially in mature markets - continues to grow, consumers reduction of the purchase .
    ASP decline slowed
    In the past few years, the average selling price fell sharply tablet . According to Internet data center , said 2012 ASP declined by 18% over the previous year, while in 2013 this figure has dropped by 14.6%. However, the Internet data center will be considered ASP decline slowed in 2014 will reach 3.6% level. The reason for this slowing trend is twofold: the growth of high -priced commercial transportation and consumer shift from ultra-low -cost products.
    Commercial transport will increase
    Internet data center facilities and demonstration projects in the Vice-President Tom Maney (TomMainelli) said: "After several years of strong growth , we expect the cheap" white box " tablet PC market in 2014 will be eased , as consumers gradually to higher quality and longer life of the transfer of high-end devices in mature markets , most consumers are buying high-end products from the market leader there, so they will think tablet PCs currently in use is good enough . few people would feel the need to product upgrades, the growth rate of which will have an impact on the Tablet PC purchase . "
    Internet data centers also mentioned , along with the slow down in consumer transport in many markets , they will increase the overall percentage of transport. For example figure forms , commercial transportation grew from 11% to 18% in 2018, 2013 . Most of the current growth in commercial transportation tablet PCs are expressed as vertical growth , for example in the education industry . But in the long run , the Internet data center is expected to continue to penetrate the tablet small, medium and large enterprises around the world inside .