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Tablet PC sales over last year's 20 million refrain of online shopping
 Tablet PC sales over last year's 20 million refrain of online shopping

Driven by the rapid development of mobile Internet Tablet PC sales. Yesterday, the China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute released " 2013 full-year home network share market analysis report" shows that last year the amount of retail domestic tablet more than 20 million units, of which sales of the online shopping market is about 5.6 million units, accounting for 28% .
On the brand , sales of Apple's tablet is the dominant market share of 30% , with sales accounting for up to 45% , showing a slight growth compared with last year , ahead of Samsung ranked second in nearly 30 %.
It is noteworthy that Taipower Onda , CUBE , etc. rely on computer accessories , MP3 and other products of the brand started , with this new tablet PC consumer electronics format, the online marketplace to find a space for development, and with low-cost advantage to capture the consumer 's heart, even among the 10 pre- purchased the Tablet PC market net sales .
Upper price segment , ~ 2499 yuan 2000 yuan in 2013 Tablet PC sales growth is very rapid.
Industry veteran Wang Huaizhong network for consumer appliances , said single-handedly built by the electricity supplier " online shopping festival" for online sales of mobile terminal products play a huge role in driving this trend will continue to follow in 2014. Star benefit driven products , both those performance advantages , brand value and moderate -priced tablet PC products will continue to be a powerhouse in the online market by 2014 .