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Tablet is like a spring rain Commercial

Tablet is like a spring rain Commercial

Good rain knows the season , when spring is here . Recently , Shenzhen, a spring rain , not only nourish the earth, is also expected to sweep away the fog shrouded in haze for several days . Commercial flat like this spring , so the tablet PC market saw a long absence, good weather.

To suddenly mentioned commercial flat , in fact, since also consider some of this time , not long ago I went to Shenzhen , the Shenzhen tablet investigated lap , so I was deeply shock the one hand, to see the transformation in Shenzhen Tablet PC industry and layout, on the other hand is to let me see the further development of the commercial prospects for the Tablet PC .

The rise of the commercial tablet

Over the past few years, the Tablet PC iPad dominate the world market , it has almost become the first choice for all consumer users , however, this situation is now being Android Tablet PCs and Windows Tablet PCs are broken .

Current industry appears either from a range of products and other aspects of appearance or performance did not lose in iPad, although the trough point is that the non- iPad tablet application experience , and iPad in the commercial area also has a very wide range of applications , but this did can stop the rapid rise of successor forces.

Many PC manufacturers to focus on the implementation of the Tablet PC market enterprise , partly because the demand for corporate purchasing tablet PCs increased year by year , on the other hand they are more familiar with the business world is , of course, but also because of the commercial tablet PC market has not yet fully developed , there more opportunities for development .

According to IDC data show that in 2014 , enterprise-class tablet purchases penetration will reach 38% , of which 20% solution applications.

IDC believes that the future of the Tablet PC has six important trends : First, the rapid growth of the device ; Second, the three pillars of the system ; Third, personality styles range ; Fourth, industry solutions will proliferate ; Fifth, security management becomes more flat and solutions in and more important ; six is the pricing model will be innovation.

With mobile solutions are widely used in industry , especially in education , health care, government, finance, technology and knowledge-intensive industries such as telecommunications , mobile applications will greatly promote industry growth and operational efficiency . Achieve innovation and differentiation strategy to become the new CIO and CTO force point in the current process of building the information through mobile technology to help the organization .

The reason more and more enterprise customers use the Tablet PC is actually very simple , and now in the mobile Internet era , companies, especially many traditional companies have received at all times the impact of the Internet , and mobile technology is driving business transformation and change quickly go through road.

With the new corporate demand for tablet PCs , but also on the characteristics of the Tablet PC has been further consideration. IDC noted that the companies have chosen will also focus on commercial considerations Tablet PC performance , innovation, compatibility, four aspects of security .

For a long time , PC industry are actively looking for a sense of rhythm in the tablet market , but now with Intel , Google, Microsoft and other giants upstream manufacturers represented in the commercial tablet market began to show its advantages, especially for the needs of enterprise customers four , the advantage is even more pronounced.

X86 Tablet will become the leader of executive business ?

Despite the higher visibility of Apple in the tablet market , but one thing can not be denied , PC upstream manufacturers Intel is one of the earliest explorers of the commercial tablet market , long before the 2010 Apple released iPad, Intel will work with PC partners teamed up to launch a MID ( mobile Internet Device ) , but because it was the whole industry chain, including hardware and software is not completely ready , so the MID did not get a great success.

Apple iPad really let people see what is at once the Tablet PC , iPad now has largely been seen as a certain extent tablet nickname.

But then came Android Tablet PC , Tablet PC Intel architecture also found its position in the commercial field , the stable performance and reliable management of first place, while maintaining high performance and efforts to reduce power consumption, the plate computer is no longer just to meet the entertainment needs of the equipment, but has become a production tool .

Of course, Microsoft has also made the tablet a full effort to the fall of 2012 it launched its own branded Surface / Surface Pro tablet. I beat these words tool is a commercial tablet - Microsoft Surface Pro 2. Most of the time I work with it every day , on the road , at home , office, back to the larger homes and offices , connection size display , full keyboard connector , making further enhance efficiency , I think this is a gradual open to the general usage patterns .

I want to say is that in the enterprise application environments , in addition to BYOD, more and more employees began with tablet PCs, companies want to adopt mobile solutions after , for the enterprise business model innovation and change.

Together, Intel and its entire ecosystem is gradually emerge in the commercial tablet market . Intel X86 platform in the PC area showed an absolute advantage , and in the Tablet PC market also has good prospects for development.

Performance and power consumption are inherent advantages X86 platform ; another Intel -breaking on the Tablet PC , support Windows + Android dual system platform , which gives companies deploy business mobility solutions bring a more flexible choice. I must mention that in the enterprise application environment, the mobile terminal bigger and controllable management is an important prerequisite for mobility , in this regard , X86 platform also has more advantages.