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Taidian G17S see from domestic tablet PC market trends
 Taipower G17S see from domestic tablet PC market trends

At present, the Chinese high-end tablet market basically dominated by foreign brands, which occupy an absolute advantage in user attention and product technology. In order to compete for market share with foreign brands, Taipower, CUBE, Colorfly other domestic manufacturers are turning to foreign brands relatively weak low-end market, embarked on the low end of the market gradually to the development of the high-end market penetration route. Due to the price advantage is more prominent, the domestic market in 2014 set off a wave of low-cost tablet.

A market overview 
     Price comparison attention 
     · 500 yuan rose sharply domestic Tablet PC user attention 
     ZDC monitoring data show that nearly half of the domestic tablet market concerns the proportion of low-priced products changed greatly. Among them, 500 yuan price segment significantly improved user attention. Specifically, the fourth quarter of 2013 under $ 500 Tablet PC products domestically focused attention on the ratio between 11.0% -15.0%, and the downward trend. 
     In contrast, in the first quarter of this year 500 yuan share of the market share of attention following products rose sharply, as of March user attention has remained at 15.0 percent in February peaked user attention quarter of 19.0%. With the major manufacturers to increase the speed of low-priced products, updates, user attention is expected next month is expected to exceed 20.0%.

Second, the prospect of
    1 , Product Comparison
    • Dual SIM become the biggest highlight of Taipower G17S
    Zhongguancun Online news, well-known manufacturers Taipower time before the end of the first quarter to grab the low-end market, issued its flagship tablet talk Taipower G17S, Taipower from the previous generation G17 separated by less than six months, reflecting the introduction of electric pace in terms of product updates relatively fast. From the product parameters , the Taipower G17S except in terms of screen display and battery life is slightly worse than the previous generation , the processor frequency and call patterns of the previous generation of products based on improvements , including dual card dual standby is its biggest highlights.
    • CUBE TALK 7X will be the main competitor of Taipower G17S
    Tablet PC with 2-3 months of domestic products compared concern champion Cool CUBE TALK 7X, Taipower G17S processor core and memory are certain advantages , so these two products compete in the coming months will be particularly intense . Meanwhile , due to the current smart phone screen size continues to rise, its penetration of the tablet PC market is gradually deepened , so Taipower G17S dual card dual standby mode is also a way to increase their core competitiveness.
2, product forecasting 
     • Taipower G17S good market prospects 
       CUBE TALK 7X from the February-March reelection product concerned championship standings can be seen in the low-end tablet larger domestic market development. Meanwhile, the price advantage compared to the low-end market, high-end products more easily allow users to make a purchase decision, and the huge audience crowd is a strong support for its growing space. It can be foreseen that Taipower G17S relatively good market prospects. 
       • 4-5 months for the Taipower G17S rise of 6-7 months for the critical period 
       After comparing similar products Colorfly E708Q1 concerned about the ratio and ranking data released within six months, when Colorfly E708Q1 listed in August, their concerns are relative proportions and ranked on the list. 9-10 then showed a substantial upward trend in October is mounted atop the product concerned, 11-December then fell back. According to the data Colorfly E708Q1 can predict the April-May period rose to Taipower G17S 6-July is the critical period, the ability to grasp the critical period of development opportunities in the market is the decisive factor in its active period length.

Third, market trends
    • Tablet PC will gradually blend smart phone functions
      Currently, due to the mobile phone plays an important role in the user's daily life, it is irreplaceable ingrained in the user's thinking . Therefore , the Tablet PC is not necessarily to go to replace or even " destroy" smart phones on the road, merging , or will be a new direction of development. The product is the first step to call function tablet out of the integration of mobile phones , tablet PCs when fully integrated phone features , irreplaceable natural problem solved .
    • Product prices or concern about the polarization trend
      ZDC statistics show that foreign products on the Chinese market, although the Tablet PC occupies a dominant position in terms of user attention , but as Intel, Microsoft and other hardware manufacturers started to increase the depth of cooperation with domestic manufacturers , flat panel manufacturers in a number of local products technology is gradually narrow the gap with foreign brands. It can be predicted that the price advantage of low-priced products will be part of the user 's guide focus shift to low-end market , domestic market or tablet form concerned about the pattern of polarization.
    • Dual SIM may become a new low-end consumer market stimulation points
      According to the 2014 figure reflects Baidu dynamic data migration , moved at the top of the most popular cities , namely Beijing , Shanghai , Tianjin, Chongqing , Nanjing, Guangzhou . Features a large foreign population tier cities in terms of call charges resulted in dual-card , multi- card users increased , which resulted in a single card single standby phone can not meet the needs of users . On the problem of selecting a second communication tools , with dual sim dual standby function tablet or cheap calls will become a new point of consumption stimulus