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Win8 Tablet PC speed up the arrival into the mobile field office
 Win8 Tablet PC speed up the arrival into the mobile field office

Tablet PC into a mobile office to speed up the field 
With the development of the Tablet PC, diversification has become a major trend in the Tablet PC, Tablet PC mobile office capabilities are also increasingly prominent. Recently, Microsoft released the iPad version of the office suite of applications, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which undoubtedly increases the iPad's office capacity. However, in the field of mobile office or Win8 tablet strengths more prominent. X86 architecture so the software is compatible with PC, coupled with keyboard and mouse, like a miniature laptop. With domestic win8 tablet launch, the popularity of Intel Atom processor, the price of two thousand yuan or less, it is to speed up the tablet into a mobile office areas.

Mobile office , Win8 tablet more compatible . Of course, much more than a mobile office Office software will be able to meet . X86 architecture Win8 Tablet PC compatible software on it , whether it is Office, or a variety of software , browser plug-ins , can perfectly support synchronous do tablet PC.
Mobile office , Win8 more in line with the user's operating habits. Apple had already released for the iPad iWork suite , Pages, Keynote, Numbers correspond Office 's Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and last year its free will , but this did not change iPad 's weak position in the office . So when the tablet is running on Office software , Win8 system is actually more in line with the user's operating habits.
Mobile office , Win8 stronger expansion . E-mail, entertainment , screen manipulation , iPad experience flu is superb . The Office and other office software applications , while increasing the number of touch-screen support, but most still require mouse and keyboard with function . OTG port, HDMI interface , dedicated data interface, etc. , and even USB3.0 figure , Win8 data transfer is undoubtedly more convenient, and to meet the user 's greatest pursuit in the office , more in line with the user's operating habits. Today, Xiaobian to introduce several domestic Win8 tablet .


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